October 20, 2021

👤💰 Robber emoji

How the Robber emoji looked like according to users

The question among Internet users such as Twitter and Reddit arose: "Where did the thief emoji go?" Social media users claim to have seen this emoji a couple of years ago. Some even paint a rough image of it, while others confirm that this is what it looked like.

Robber Emoji up close, by greta from Twitter

Users give examples of their memories of the location of this emoji: in the category of people, next to the 👮 Policeman emoji. It sounds logical, but in the old screenshots of the emoji block, there is no trace of the robber emoji. You can also see the evolution of the emoji from 1997 to the present on the Unicode website, there isn’t any hint of the disappeared emoji.


Some Reddit users speculate that the Robber emoji originated as an association from the game Bitlife. Since there, when trying to rob a house, an image of a raccoon with a black blindfold appeared on the game panel. But after watching old videos of the game walkthrough, this image wasn’t detected.

User's Twitter

The Sims Robber Emoji Theory

The apprehension of a robber in The Sims

After looking through a large number of messages from users, we concluded and would like to put forward a new theory about the origin of the non-existent Robber emoji. The emoji image looks like a robber character from The Sims and some Twitter and Reddit users agree with it.

Robber Emoji vs. Sims Robber Character

The intended emoji and the character are almost identical:

Comparative characteristics for the Robber Emoji vs. Sims Robber Character

So did this emoji really exist?

Despite many claims from Twitter and Reddit users, and the images of the robber emoji they created, there is no evidence that the Robber emoji existed. Why are so many users convinced that emoji did exist? This phenomenon can be explained by a Mandela effect – a phenomenon in which a large group of people believes something occurred when it did not.

Thus, in our case, users have the same memories of the existence of the robber emoji and its appearance. This is confirmed by the fact that:

  1. The author of the original Robber emoji received 115,900 likes, 13,900 shares, and 1,100 comments on his tweet. Under the post, users wrote that they saw this emoji and it looks the same as in the presented picture;
  2. During the discussion of the Robber emoji on Twitter and Reddit, a large number of posts were posted with the same image;
  3. Many online articles have been released on the existence of the Robber emoji, which has collected the main images of its appearance, which gained popularity among Twitter and Reddit users.